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Although we say that it is a counterfeit, all of its appearance, color, quality, shape, etc. are exactly the same as the genuine product. It is a genuine shoe with high imitation or no formal channels, but the price is far different. air Jordan 7 and high-quality counterfeit jordan 7 are understandable . then let’s talk about fake Jordan 7 or knockoffs. air Jordan 7 later appeared a lot of retro shoes, but they are all very good.  Before knockoff, we must come to understand some real air Jordan 7

about air jordan 7 sneakers

The original version of Air Jordan 7 was first born at the end of 1991. It was Michael Jordan's boots in the 1991-1992 season and witnessed the second time that Michael Jordan led the team to win the championship. And in the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games wearing Air Jordan 7 OG to play, that is, into the United States National Basketball "Dream Team", Michael Jordan is the main member of the "Dream Team". In the end, he won the Olympic gold medal with a great advantage, so the Olympic version of AJ7 has also become a hot collection among collectors. The Air Sole air cushion of 3/4 palm is used, and the concept of African tribal culture is incorporated. For the first time, the Huarache concept is injected into it, a new inner boot design and hollow design are added, and the crystal outsole is replaced with a rubber outsole.Later, Nike air jordan 7 appeared a lot of air jordan 7 retro, and these nike air jordan vii retro have been hot sale.

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